God is so good! He has called His people for a specific purpose. Click on the testimonials and discover some of the miracles and experiences that God has brought this body of believers through!

For testimonials just click the persons name

Ronald Lee

Sam and Dale Allensworth

Shirley Hasson

Joe and Oneida Gorecki

Tina Gomoll

Anna and Mark

Carol and Howard

Debbie and Daryl

Roger Sturgill


3 comments on “Testimonials
  1. Roger says:

    Really Like this page is lets people people know of the goodness of God, through his Miracles and His Grace.

  2. Tina Gomoll says:

    Oh how I love my church and my church family!!So blessed!!<3

  3. Frank Crank says:

    Happy birthday to our worship leader, Daryl Kerce Jr. Blessings !

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